Summer Courses

Computer Science at Harvard University Summer School

During my academic journey, I delved into data science and visualization, honing my Python, HTML, and JavaScript proficiency. This mastery was used in the “Introduction to Data Science with a Focus on Visualization” course. I embarked on a mission to make sense of the complex and ever-evolving Covid-19 landscape.

With an innate passion for data analysis and visualization, I leveraged my technical expertise to create a series of informative and visually compelling data visualizations. These visualizations transcended the mundane charts and graphs, breathing life into the numbers and conveying intricate COVID-19 trends through interactive web applications. This endeavor was more than just a classroom assignment; it was a real-world application of my skills.

By distilling complex data into user-friendly graphics, I aimed to bridge the gap between raw statistics and public comprehension. My work enhanced public awareness and facilitated data-driven decision-making during these challenging times. This experience epitomized my commitment to harnessing technology for the greater good.

Business at New York University Summer School

While participating in the “Entrepreneurship and Business Start-Ups” course, I embarked on an enriching journey where I sharpened my skills and passion for app development and business acumen. The pinnacle of this experience was the creation of an A-grade entrepreneurial app that offers invaluable insights into the college application process. This endeavor was a testament to my deep comprehension of app development intricacies and fundamental business principles.

I consistently showcased my entrepreneurial prowess throughout the course by engaging in class discussions. I demonstrated my ability to make informed and innovative business decisions under various conditions, highlighting my adaptability in the ever-evolving entrepreneurship landscape. These discussions were an arena for me to contribute and learn from my peers, fostering an environment of intellectual growth and collaboration.

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