School and Community Involvement

Student Council Leadership Roles

As the House Representative for Sapphire House, my role was instrumental in shaping a dynamic and unified school community. I had the privilege of leading a dedicated team, comprising a quarter of the Student Council, towards our shared mission of fostering inclusivity and camaraderie within the school. Through effective collaboration with council representatives, I created an environment where every student felt valued and heard.

One of my proudest achievements as a House Representative was leading Sapphire House to victory in more than 20 inter-house sports and cultural events. These triumphs not only showcased my exceptional leadership abilities but also highlighted the power of teamwork. My roles as Captain, Vice-Captain, and Prefect exemplified my dedication and commitment to the success of Sapphire House. In these positions, I passionately inspired my housemates to actively engage in events and contribute to the overall strengthening of our school community.

Logistics Head for TEDx@DAIS

As the driving force behind the annual TEDxYouth@DAIS event, I assumed the pivotal role of orchestrating every facet of this dynamic gathering. With unwavering dedication, I meticulously coordinated the logistics for seven inspiring speakers and directed the seamless participation of over 100 eager attendees. To accomplish this feat, I adeptly managed a diverse team of 30 talented individuals, fostering collaboration and cohesion to bring our vision to life. My leadership and organizational prowess shone brightly as I spearheaded the planning and execution of this high-profile TEDx event, leaving no detail unattended. By ensuring the smooth flow of activities, I created an unforgettable experience for all participants, reinforcing the event’s reputation for excellence.


Head of Entertainment for events

As the head of the Entertainment department for RBK Annual Days, DAIS CAS Festival, and DAIS Farewell, I assumed a pivotal role in orchestrating these noteworthy events. My leadership involved supervising and collaborating with a dynamic team of over 25 students, collectively striving to curate exceptional showcases that left a lasting impact.

My approach was centered on fostering effective communication within the team. Through meticulously planned weekly rehearsals and brainstorming sessions, I ensured every member was on the same page, leading to seamless coordination and synergy. As a result of our combined efforts, these events consistently drew crowds of over 400 attendees, showcasing our ability to craft engaging and memorable experiences for our school community.

I honed my organizational, leadership, and interpersonal skills, which not only enriched my personal growth but also contributed significantly to the vibrant cultural fabric of our educational institution.

Main contributor to RBK Music Club

As the enthusiastic leader of “The Beatz Crew,” I took on the exhilarating role of nurturing musical creativity among junior students. With a passion for music coursing through my veins, I inspired our team to craft captivating activities that would ignite the artistic sparks within our younger peers.

In my capacity, I assumed the responsibility of meticulously planning and skillfully executing a plethora of initiatives within the club. Each event was meticulously curated to provide a nurturing and vibrant musical environment, one where young talents could flourish and explore their sonic potential.

This journey was not just about melodies and harmonies; it was about fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared passion among our members. I cherished the opportunity to watch our fellow students develop their musical abilities and, more importantly, to witness the genuine joy and passion that music brought into their lives. Leading “The Beatz Crew” has been a rewarding experience that allowed me to combine my love for music with my commitment to empowering the next generation of musicians.

Head Chair at Diplomaton Global MUN Organization

I have honed my leadership skills through extensive involvement in Model United Nations (MUN) events, where I proudly managed over 50 committees. My role involved overseeing committee operations, focusing on crafting meticulous research overviews, and meticulously curating agendas. This expertise allowed me to facilitate productive discussions and inspire delegates to delve deeper into the topics.

What sets me apart in the MUN community is my versatile performance. I have excelled as both a chair and a delegate, showcasing adaptability and a deep understanding of diplomacy. This journey has been marked by accolades, starting from my early years in Grade 6 and extending through Grade 12. These awards are a testament to my commitment to excellence in MUN and my dedication to fostering an environment where meaningful dialogue and consensus-building thrive.

Main Organizer for RBKIA Sports Events

I organized the Annual Sports Day and various athletic events, skillfully galvanizing student engagement through meticulously crafted email campaigns and captivating promotional materials. My position as an event organizer allowed me to harness my creativity and organizational prowess to not only ensure the seamless execution of these activities but also to inspire a sense of excitement and participation among my peers. Through strategic communication and innovative marketing strategies, I enabled a vibrant sports culture within our college community, reinforcing my commitment to leadership and fostering a dynamic, inclusive environment for all.

Formal Committee Session Management

As the Senior Admin Executive at DAIMUN, I was pivotal in elevating the efficiency of our organization’s operations. My primary focus revolved around the meticulous planning and execution of committee sessions, ensuring seamless and productive diplomatic simulations. I streamlined the event’s logistical aspects through strategic management and careful attention to detail, fostering an environment conducive to constructive discourse and collaboration among participants. My dedication to optimizing the experience for all involved underscored my commitment to DAIMUN’s mission, leaving a lasting impact on our model United Nations community.

Deputy Head of Digital Outreach for DAIMUN

I leveraged my creativity and digital skills to amplify social media engagement by crafting captivating reels and curating compelling content. Through this endeavor, I honed my ability to captivate and inform, fostering meaningful connections with a diverse online audience. This experience allowed me to express my artistic flair and develop a keen understanding of online communication dynamics. It was a dynamic journey that merged artistry with digital strategy, resulting in a heightened online presence and a deeper appreciation for the power of storytelling in the digital age.


Event organizer at the residential society Godrej The Trees

I led spearheading a wide array of social, cultural, and athletic gatherings aimed at knitting the fabric of our neighborhood into a closely-knit, harmonious community. My initiatives were marked by meticulous planning and seamless execution, resulting in events that captured the imagination and elevated resident involvement. These undertakings were instrumental in cultivating a profound sense of belonging and unity among our residents, fostering an environment where everyone felt connected and engaged. It was a gratifying experience, as I witnessed firsthand the transformative power of community-building through these successful endeavors.

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