Technological and entrepreneurial internship at the Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited

Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL)
from June 10, 2022, to September 20, 2023

I upgraded MKCL’s services, from reports to websites, even crafting the Digital University app. Noteworthy was enhancing the SOLAR admission portal for the digital-savvy crowd. I delved into data analysis, leading training for business students and amped up my marketing skills through social media campaigns. This internship laid a robust foundation for my future studies in engineering and commerce, emphasizing continual learning and adaptability.

Educational outreach and management internship at Swami Ramkrishna Paramahams Junior College Limited

I organized workshops and events to boost students’ tech skills. I didn’t just teach; I also helped plan and run educational events, making learning more exciting. Working with educators and admin, we created useful resources and improved how we teach. It taught me a lot about managing education and improved the academic vibe for everyone. I boosted my leadership skills and created a tech-friendly space, getting students ready for the modern world.

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