Artistic Exploration

Performer – Singing and Piano

As a passionate performer, I have dedicated myself to the harmonious artistry of both singing and piano. My musical journey has been defined by remarkable achievements, consistently securing positions among the top three performers in a myriad of prestigious music events and competitions. Through the harmonious interplay of my vocal prowess and the piano’s graceful keystrokes, I have honed my musical talents and cultivated a deep sense of discipline and dedication. These experiences have enriched my soul and instilled in me a profound appreciation for the transformative power of music.

Leader of DAIS Music Club

As a committed Music club member, I was responsible for guiding 25 junior members, focusing on promoting artistic exploration through unique teaching methods. To achieve this, I introduced interactive activities and workshops to enhance their musical proficiency and spark their imagination. Along with sharing my love for music, I strived to create a cooperative and positive atmosphere within the club. Witnessing the development and enthusiasm of my peers was an incredibly gratifying experience, and I take pride in the beneficial influence I had on our musical community.

Lead Writer for RBK School Newsletter

As an avid contributor to a dynamic newsletter, I have authored over 50 meticulously crafted articles, each a testament to my unwavering commitment to content excellence, precision, and captivating storytelling. My dedication to upholding the highest standards of quality and accuracy shines through in every piece I produce.

Beyond content creation, I was pivotal in elevating the newsletter’s visual allure. My creative input extended to enhancing its aesthetic appeal by developing refined layouts and designs, ensuring that each edition was informative and visually engaging.

My journey as a newsletter collaborator has showcased my exceptional multitasking abilities and my knack for seamless teamwork. Working harmoniously with fellow contributors, I consistently maintained the newsletter’s reputation for excellence in content and presentation.

This experience has fortified my passion for effective communication, content creation, and design aesthetics while honing my ability to thrive within a collaborative and dynamic environment.



Music Composer

I have composed and crafted nine original, unpublished songs, each a testament to my songwriting skills. These compositions are melodies and windows into my soul, where emotions and stories find their voice. In addition to my songwriting endeavors, I have skillfully performed and shared song covers, inviting listeners into my musical world. This engagement has expanded my audience, allowing me to connect with music enthusiasts worldwide. These interactions have fostered my musical growth, pushing me to refine my craft continuously. My commitment to this flourishing musical journey is evident in my consistent content creation and live performances. Music isn’t just a hobby; it’s my way of life.

Theater Performances

I have passionately taken the spotlight in celebrated musical productions, including Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Little Mermaid, assuming the coveted lead roles. These experiences within the esteemed RBK Annual Musicals have allowed me to immerse myself in diverse characters, delivering captivating performances that underscore my versatility and unwavering commitment to bringing these roles to life. My dedication to the art of character portrayal shines through each stage appearance, and I relish the opportunity to transport audiences into the enchanting worlds of these beloved stories.

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